SMDC Green 2 Residences - AMENITIES

Building Features:

  • 5 elevators (Tower 1)
  • Centralized garbage room
  • Mail Room
  • Fire sprinkler System
  • Automatic Fire Detection & Alarm System (FDAS)
  • Stand-by back-up automatic generator system for common areas
  • 2 Fire exits every residential floor
  • Allocated emergency load for residential units in case of power outage
  • Wi-Fi ready in Study Areas
  • CCTV cameras in common areas
  • 24 hour security and maintenance
  • Centralized STP and cistern

Standard Unit Deliverables:

  • Floor tiles in all areas of the unit
  • Living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom/s with painted plain cement finish on interior wall
  • Toiletand bath with painted plain cement finish and tiles on walls
  • (1.50m high tiles in shower area and one layer of tiles in toilet area)
  • Painted plain cement finish on ceilings of living room, dining room, and bedrooms ;gypsum board on ceilings for kitchen
  • Wiring devices (breaker, switch, outlets)
  • Aluminum-framed windows
  • Kitchen counter-top with under-the-counter cabinets
  • Water closet,lavatory, soap holder, tissue holder, shower head and faucet in the toilet & bath
  • Provision of tapping point for water heater in the shower area only
  • Study Areas (Phase I)
  • Swimming Pool (Phase I)
  • Multi-purpose lawns (Phase I)
  • Gym (Phase 2)
  • Function Room (Phase 3)
  • Covered Porch/Lounge (Phase 3)
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SMDC has developed lofty ideals for developing Green 2 Residences in Dasmariñas, Cavite. Hence, they focused most of their attention on the facilities and amenities that will be provided to elevate the quality of living for its residents. Their aim is to make living convenient and comfortable so everything that the unit owners could possibly need would be available at their disposal.

For any condo and residential developments that target families, security is at a premium. SMDC knows that as well. Hence, they have built a foolproof security system that will guarantee peace of mind and safety for all unit owners. There will be roving security and CCTV cameras on strategic locations in place on a 24/7 basis.

The building is also equipped with modern and practical utilities that will make your stay more secure and efficient. For example, there will be 12 elevators in total available across all 3 towers. This makes it convenient for unit owners to access or leave their units when they need to. To maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of the residential condominium towers, there are the following facilities in place: centralized garbage disposal area, back-up power generator available to the common areas, fire suppression system available at the hallways, automatic sprinkler system, fire hoses along the hallway, sewage treatment facility, and an underground cistern. Before the condominium development can entice the condo buyers with the resort-like and modern amenities, SMDC believes that these facilities are far more important. They are critical to enhancing the quality of life of the residents on a daily basis, while also making sure that they are protected and safe in case of emergency. And speaking of convenience, a property management team is available for the three towers to provide services such as housekeeping and general maintenance work.

The full complement of amenities available at Green 2 Residences is therefore the tip of the iceberg. These amenities are designed to give modern conveniences to a condominium lifestyle. A team of engineers, designers and architects collaborated in designing the condominium complex to ensure that the amenities suit the overall theme while bringing you and your family enjoyment.

The tower lobby is the area wherein you and your guests are welcomed in. The lobby features a modern design that makes you feel like you are walking into a five-star resort. Once you are past the lobby, you must get ready to experience the relaxing swimming pool. This amenity is also of luxury resort quality, complete with a sun deck and lounge chairs on the sides of the pool. You can therefore have a spot to chill and unwind when you want to have a relaxing day by the pool. Another great spot to relax is the covered porch.

A study room/area was also built as part of the amenity floor in Green 2 Residences. This ensures you will have a quiet spot to work on your study and to allow you to focus with its comfortable seating arrangement and well-lit room. For the fitness buff, a fully-equipped gym and fitness center will get you inspired to maintain your fitness level. Meanwhile, social events and special gatherings can be hosted at the spacious function room.

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