SMDC Green 2 Residences - PRICE LIST

SMDC : SMDC Green 2 Residences For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio ₱ 3,100,000 18.98 Other Cuts Available
Studio + Balcony ₱ 3,600,000 21.18 Other Cuts Available
Studio End Unit ₱ 3,900,000 22.60 Other Cuts Available
Studio End Unit + Balcony ₱ 4,300,000 25.22 Other Cuts Available
Studio L Type Unit ₱ 4,800,000 26.53 Other Cuts Available
2 Bed End Unit ₱ 5,300,000 31.57 Other Cuts Available
2 Bedroom ₱ 6,100,000 33.97 Other Cuts Available
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Spot Cash*
100% spot cash in 30 days
Discount on Residential Units - 10%
Deferred Cash*
100% Payable in 48 months
Discount on Residential Units - 2%
Spot DP
10% spot / 90% in 47 months
Discount on Residential Units - 2%
20% spot / 80% in 47 months
Discount on Residential Units - 4%
50% spot / 50% in 47 months
Discount on Residential Units - 5%
Spread DP
15% in 47 months / 85% through cash or bank
20% in 47 months / 80% through cash or bank
10% spot / 10% in 46 months / 80% through cash or bank (0.5% Discount on Residential Units)
20% spot / 10% in 46 months / 70% through cash or bank (1% Discount on Residential Units)

1. Reservation Fee for Residential Units: Php 25,000 (Parking not yet open for sale)
2. *Cash and Deferred terms shall be subject to a retention amount of Php 50,000 due on the turnover month.
For Deferred terms, computation shall be as follows:
= (100% TAP –Retention Amount) / 48 months


Why You Should Invest in Green 2 Residences

Green 2 Residences is poised to claim the title as the next best condominium outside of Metro Manila. Developed by SMDC, you can expect the same quality that the brand has delivered for many years. You can therefore expect the same level of commitment to quality with their newest project.

The ideal location is one of the main reasons to want to invest in a property at Green 2 Residences. This condominium is located in an area in Cavite that is flood-free and is not often hit by typhoons or earthquake. You can therefore expect that this is a safe and reliable place to call home, so you can live free of worry. And speaking of a worry-free lifestyle, the entire condominium complex is equipped with all of the modern security features you need to enjoy peace of mind.

Green 2 Residences in Cavite lets you experience the warmth and comfort of modern condo living. Even though you live a few kilometers outside of Metro Manila, you can enjoy the urban landscape of Dasmariñas with the high-rise building that offers the perfect vantage point to enjoy the skyline and view of the city. You will also enjoy and have access to modern and resort-like amenities you would typically find in a luxury resort. With its flexible price range and variable unit configurations, you will find a home that answers to your family’s individual needs at Green 2 Residences. The developers made sure to address the multi-faceted needs of its target market within this master-planned community.

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